How We Think

Mister Nerdie believes that access to technology should be widespread and meaningful – The digital divide between the haves and the have-nots only deepens social inequalities.

We would like to democratize the right to repair the devices we rightfully own. We want more people to repair their own devices to minimize electronic waste and footprint, repair and reuse abandoned devices to bridge the digital divide between the wealthy and the poor.

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Your "old" devices can help
Do you have unused or broken devices you no longer wish to keep? Send them to us, and We'll do our best to fix them.
Not to worry, shipping is on us!
Salvaged devices will be donated to kids who need them but cannot afford them.

The Plug Program

The Plug is a social enterprise program to supply technology needs to the underprivileged.
We believe access to technology should be a constitutional human right by now. But until then, we do our part to ensure equal access of technology to everyone.